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Oswegatchie Green
Coming Late 2009
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Oswegatchie Green

Wind Power and Wilderness
in the Western Adirondacks

A Novel

275 pages

ISBN 978-0-9764263-6-3

$16.95 postpaid

A proposal to develop a renewable energy facility on the abandoned site of the Big Orebed Mine causes an uproar among the citizens of Orebed Lake and gets biologists Bert Charles and Helen Morgia involved. When it is revealed that the proposal is for a wind farm, rather than a synthetic petroleum plant, the news is greeted warmly by most citizens.

Questions arise, however, when the identity, motivations, and sincerity of the developers are called into question. And some people question the compatability of a wind power facility with wilderness values. Meanwhile an apparent homicide may or may not be related to the proposed wind farm, and Bert and Helen's investigations soon expose them to the threat of physical danger.